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ChillOut 4" Carbon Fiber 90 degree Air Plenum

ChillOut 4" Carbon Fiber 90 degree Air Plenum


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We do not sell the 3" side inlet as it can not deliver enough air to the Chillout. Accordingly the 4" version here is the only style we sell. 

The sleek finished carbon fiber 4" Air Plenum is the most efficient way boost your Quantum Cooler performance. great for extremely hot cars that need ultimate ducting and airflow. Allowing 55% more airflow than 3" ducting, the 90º Air Plenum forces cooler air from outside of the vehicle into the system intake for maximum cooling efficiency. The 90º angle fits easily into limited space for compact installations. Can be attached to face either direction.

Connecting the air duct plenum to your cooler is the most efficient way to increase cooling performance and reduce amp draw from your electrical system. The plenum is designed to fit the intake side of your Quantum Cooler, allowing for much cooler air to be forced through the system via the duct. A 200 CFM blower (Minimum) is required in conjunction with the plenum for best performance

Weight: 5 oz.
Dimensions: 10.5” x 5.25” x 4.5"


  • 90º angle for compact installations.


  • 4" Carbon Fiber 90º Air Plenum
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