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STROM B48 / B46 Port Injection

STROM B48 / B46 Port Injection


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Port Injection kit as used on our B46 race cars. Can add up to 200whp of fueling from our testing.

  • Fits B48D engine or B46D if in the US. Mainly from cars 2020+ and up. Contact us if you are looking for the B48B setup as we have that as well just not listed yet.
  • As used by us it Includes LS3 injectors at 340cc/min part number 0280158051 but larger injectors can be specced in this size. Kit does not include injectors. 
  • Secondary plumbing for fuel required and additional injector controller. Our setup runs these injectors with Motec but multiple kinds of systems can be used. 
  • Includes adapter plate, fuel rail, -6AN fitting and hardware
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