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Tilton OT-140 5.5" Complete Clutch

Tilton OT-140 5.5" Complete Clutch

SKU:67-002HG + 64140-9-AA-10

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Tilton clutch to mate up with our B48/B58 Flywheel. Holds 500ft/lb of torque. 

As light as you can go while still having decent torque holding capacity for a turbo. Meant to only be used for Road Racing or Time Attack cars. Not drag racing as it has very little heat holding capacity.

Includes set of metallic clutch discs for a 29mm 10-tooth input shaft as on our Holinger SG3 transmission. 

If you need another variant of this clutch feel free to contact us. You can vie the options here.

Tilton’s 5.5″ OT-III metallic racing clutches offer the low moment-of-inertia, high torque capacity and reliability necessary for the most demanding racing applications. These features have made metallic clutches the most common clutch type used in road racing and circle track racing. The included high ratio pressure plate features short release travel for quick engagement and shifting as well as a flat clamp load curve for longer wear range.  5.5″ OT-140 metallic racing clutches are not recommended for street use.

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